About XRAI Glass

XRAI Glass creates software solutions powered by Augmented Reality.
We convert audio into visuals, allowing a pair of smart glasses to turn speech into subtitles – all in real-time.
Our goal is to enrich and empower lives by giving people the tools to be themselves.


Our mission

XRAI was created to connect people through technology.

After successful careers managing enterprise technology and charity businesses, XRAI’s experienced group of founders came together to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. They wanted to create a lifestyle brand that treated its audience as a group of individuals with unique needs and unique lives.

They had witnessed first-hand with their families and in their experience within the technology sector how technology built for the deaf community tended to be assistive, looking to improve a hearing experience rather than enriching a conversation. This was a problem worth solving.

As the vision for XRAI and the technology for XRAI Glass progressed, the team’s passionate goal of enriching connection in everyday life has started to become a reality.


Meet the XRAI founders
dan scarfe

Dan Scarfe
Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned entrepreneur who has been running IT companies for the better part of two decades, Dan loves to envisage the positive and transformational impact technology can have on peoples' lives.

mitchell feldman

Mitchell Feldman
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

An expert in marketing, PR and branding, Mitchell has been working in technology for 30 years. He is always curious about Data, AI and technology that enables real world outcomes.

jacqui press

Jacqui Press

Chief Brand Ambassador

Jacqui was born profoundly deaf and learned to communicate using speech only, and known as an Expert Lipreader. Jacqui's career has led her through many organisations including a Trustee for the RNID.

dr tim scarfe

Dr. Tim Scarfe
Chief Tech Officer - Innovation

With a PhD in machine learning and a first-class degree in computer science, Tim has two decades of experience in software engineering, and has held key roles at companies like Microsoft and BP. 

dr keith duggar

Dr. Keith Duggar
Chief Tech Officer - Platform

A veteran of both Microsoft and Wall Street, Keith has helped enterprises envision, architect, and execute global digital transformation including all technical aspects of large-scale systems of intelligence. 

paul mealy

Paul Mealy

Chief Product Officer

A multidisciplinary creative executive and internationally published author, Paul is responsible for developing and managing international teams of designers, prototypers, developers and researchers. 


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