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Enjoy rich
Real-time subtitles, on your phone or in augmented reality
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Summarize conversations, ask questions, and much more
Translate between 76+ of the world's leading languages
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Compatible with the latest generation of smart glasses

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How XRAI Glass Works


How it works
Getting started with XRAI Glass is as easy as one, two, see...
Do I need the glasses to use the app?

No, our app works without the glasses. However, for the best possible experience, we recommend using a pair of augmented reality glasses to experience the full power of XRAI Glass.

Which phones are compatible with the glasses?

Phones using Android 11+ or iOS 14+ (adapter required) can connect to a pair of supported glasses and use XRAI Glass in Basic 3D Mode. For Immersive 3D Mode, please check the compatibility lists on our AR Glasses page.

To learn more about the difference, read our support article on Screencast vs AR Mode.

How do the glasses work?

Using a pair of augmented reality glasses, we listen to the conversations around you; transcribe them in real-time using the XRAI Glass app, and as if by magic, they'll appear in 3D right in front of your eyes.

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Record, save, and summarize your important meetings
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See conversations from a distance with a bluetooth mic