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AR Glasses

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RayNeo X2

Wireless, crystal-clear glasses

Experience XRAI Glass on
the new XREAL Beam + Air 2 Pro

Our recommended way of getting started with XRAI Glass


Brighter, lighter, and slimmer

XREAL Air 2 Pro

Swap between 3 dimming levels

Rokid Max

Built-in adjustable prescription

RayNeo Air 2

Sony Micro OLED

Capture every word

Recommended audio accessories to enhance your experience



360° HD Voice Capture for 8+ people

Razer Seiren BT

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone with 10m range


Standalone device for using XRAI Glass

Prescription Lenses

Available from our friends at Lensology

Frequently asked questions

The most important questions answered about our compatible AR Glasses

If you are interested in trying XRAI Glass now, you can download the free basic mode app on iOS and Android devices. Once you have tried basic mode, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of AR glasses to experience the full power of XRAI Glass.

Prescription lens inserts provided by our partners at Lensology allow you to use a pair of augmented reality glasses without having to wear your prescription glasses. Lensology currently provides off-the-shelf prescription lenses for the XREAL Air AR glasses, with custom options for the TCL NXTWEAR S and Rokid Max available on request.

Using an external microphone with XRAI Glass not only enhances the accuracy and quality of transcription, but also provides users with the freedom to sit or move comfortably, unconstrained by the need to reposition their device. This setup offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for capturing clear and precise audio in various settings.

You don’t need to charge them. They use the connected device as their power source.

Smart glasses require the use of either wired or wireless adapters, and the choice depends on the specific device to which they are meant to be connected.

Unfortunately, all AR Glasses currently on the market require a wired connection to a compatible device or adapter. This is a standard feature across various manufacturers.

Not at all! On our website, we strive to offer our customers the most advantageous deals tailored to their specific country, putting the purchasing decision in their hands. We encourage you to explore alternative distribution platforms, such as eBay, at your own discretion.

While XRAI Glass is designed to be compatible with a wide range of AR glasses, it’s important to note that for AR glasses not specifically listed here, the functionality is limited to screencast mode. In other words, these glasses can still be used to mirror content via screencasting, but the full suite of augmented reality capabilities won’t be accessible. For optimal AR experiences, we recommend choosing AR glasses from our listed options, ensuring seamless integration and access to the complete set of features provided by XRAI Glass.

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