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Frequently asked questions

The most important questions answered about our compatible AR Glasses

If you are interested in trying XRAI Glass now, you can download the free basic mode app on iOS and Android devices. Once you have tried basic mode, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of AR glasses to experience the full power of XRAI Glass.

Adjustable diopters are lenses that can be changed to help you personalize the focusing power of your AR glasses to see better. They are useful for people who have different eye prescriptions, or for people who need to wear different strengths of glasses for different activities.

The Rokid Max AR Glasses include an adjustable diopter of 0.00D to -6.00D. This means that you can adjust the strength of the lenses to match your eye prescription. This will help you to see clearly without having to wear any inserts or wear your glasses over the AR glasses.

Prescription lens inserts provided by our partners at Lensology allow you to use a pair of augmented reality glasses without having to wear your prescription glasses. Lensology currently provides off-the-shelf prescription lenses for the XREAL Air AR glasses, with custom options for the TCL NXTWEAR S and Rokid Max available on request.

The arm width of AR glasses is measured from the thickest part of the arm where the glasses touch your ear. People with hearing aids may experience discomfort if the arm width is too wide. It is always best when possible to try on a pair of AR glasses before buying them, especially if you have hearing aids.

While all of our compatible AR glasses require a companion app to run AR subtitles, XREAL Air and Rokid Max users must create a secondary account on their respective AR platforms. For those who want to limit the number of accounts they have, the companion apps for the TCL NXTWEAR S do not require additional logins to activate AR mode.

Currently, all AR glasses compatible with XRAI Glass use a wired connection between your phone and the glasses. 

The TCL NXTWEAR S features a magnetic, wired connection on the glasses (on the right-hand side), which can sometimes cause slight discomfort for users with a cochealer implant or hearing aid.

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