XRAI Glass 2.0 Officially Launches Globally

XRAI Glass now available on iOS and Android, supports new AR Glasses; translate 76 languages & 140 dialects; and offers improved ChatGPT-driven personal assistant to answer questions or provide additional insight.

A small start-up, just one year-old, is taking the U.S. by storm. The revolutionary tech that allowed deaf people to ‘see’ conversations has seen users in the United States soar 1,500% since November 2022, attracting both those deaf and hard of hearing, but also many neurodiverse individuals too.

Today sees the launch of XRAI Glass 2nd Edition. Now available on iOS, as well as increased number of Android devices, the app is now truly accessible to the 48 million Americans with hearing loss who desperately need this assistive technology.


The XRAI Glass app optionally connects with augmented reality (AR) smart glasses – enabling the wearer to read speech in real-time through subtitles projected into augmented reality, or just on their phones.

With nearly half of all smartphone users in the United States using an iPhone, XRAI Glass user growth is projected to accelerate 5x in the country and will be ready to support Apple’s AR/VR headset slated for release in June 2023.

Now with a new improved ChatGPT-driven personal assistant, the wearer can ask the AI an incredible range of complex questions and use the ground-breaking technology to see written responses on the lenses.

For the first time, XRAI Glass can also translate 76 languages and even 140 dialects, making it much easier to travel, as we near a world when smart glasses replace smartphones. In the future, the translation feature could even be used in professional settings like international meetings and border control.

XRAI Glass is now fully compatible with three smart glasses: Rokid MaxTCL NXTWEAR S and Nreal Air with basic support for the VITURE One and many more, allowing users from all around the world to benefit from this life-changing technology. Subtitle accuracy has also improved thanks to the integration of additional transcription providers including Microsoft and Deepgram in the Cloud and a new VOSK model which provides transcription whilst offline from the internet.

XRAI Glass was developed after CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Scarfe, visited his 97-year-old grandfather at Christmas, and noticed his hearing was so bad that he struggled to engage in conversations and seemed lonely, despite being surrounded by his family. Fellow Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Paul Mealy, had a similar epiphany about his father who had also lost his hearing.

Launched just one year ago, the technology has attracted high-profile ambassadors from around the world, including Justin Osmond from the legendary musical family, who was diagnosed with 90% hearing loss at the age of two.

Ready to try XRAI Glass for yourself?
Download the app today on iOS or Android and experience the magic of XRAI Glass – either on your phone or in augmented reality.


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