What’s New: Customize Your Subtitles

Discover a whole new level of accessibility with our latest feature update.

We’ve listened to your feedback and are thrilled to introduce themes, a new feature that will empower you to personalize your subtitles like never before.

In this update, we’ve focused on making our platform more accessible to meet your needs. Now, you have the power to customize your experience with ease. With the ability to adjust line spacing, choose fonts, and pick colors that match your style, the possibilities are endless. These changes ensure that your subtitles reflect your personality and preferences perfectly.

Do you prefer your subtitles in striking BLOCK CAPS or bold text? No problem! Adjusting the appearance of your subtitles is now simpler than ever. All of these fantastic features (and more) are now conveniently accessible from your quick settings menu.

With the new customization options at your fingertips, you can tailor your XRAI Glass experience to suit your unique taste. Whether you want a sleek and professional look, or something bold and eye-catching, the power is now in your hands. It’s all about making your subtitles, your way.

Ready to craft your own XRAI Glass experience? Dive into the world of personalized subtitles today by downloading the latest version of the XRAI Glass app.


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