Usher Syndrome 1F: Through My Eyes and Ears

How we supported the Usher 1F Collaborative with XRAI Stream.

A symphony of silence – that is what my world sounds like. A canvas gradually losing its vibrant palette – that is what my world is looking like. I have Usher Syndrome Type 1F, a condition characterized by profound congenital deafness and progressive vision loss. My constant companions are my assistive devices, and my dedication to creating a more accessible world. 

XRAI Stream being used at the Usher 1F Collaborative fundraiser.

With Usher Syndrome, attending events, classes, or even going to the movies involves a careful dance of preparation and logistics. These environments are often not set up with inclusivity for people like me in mind. Even the simple request for real-time captioning can turn into a daunting task, with most venues being unsure, or unaware of how they can assist. 

Despite these challenges, I have always made it my mission to promote inclusivity wherever I go. I truly believe in the power of technology to help in building bridges and closing the gap between individuals with disabilities and their communities. This belief is not just a personal mantra, it forms the foundation of the incredible work our company is doing every day. 

Recently, we teamed up with the Usher 1F Collaborative to support their fundraising campaign and showcase our latest feature, XRAI Stream. Using an existing audio source, XRAI Stream provides real-time captions, instant translation, and speaker identification – streamed to as many devices as you want.

Connecting XRAI Stream to the mixing board was a breeze.

Setting up the stream couldn’t have been easier. In a matter of minutes, we had our app connected to the on-site mixing board, which let us effortlessly stream subtitles from the stage, across the WiFi, to anyone using an iOS or Android device.

It wasn’t just me who finally felt like an active participant; seeing the expressions on the attendees’ faces was a truly powerful moment. What was initially just a fundraiser quickly evolved into a powerful celebration of empowerment and inclusivity. Melissa Chaikoff, Chair and Trustee at Usher 1F, said:

Setting up the stream was seamless and quick, a process that took less than 10 minutes. I was shocked. Guests couldn’t help but express how effortlessly they joined the ongoing transcription, allowing them to never miss a word.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the team behind the Usher 1F Collaborative, for allowing us to take part in their event and showcase our new technology.

Want to get involved? See how your can take action with supporting the Usher 1F Collaborative and get involved.


Introducing XRAI® Stream · Broadcast real-time subtitles across multiple devices