Frequently Asked Questions

Our software turns speech into subtitles, in real-time.
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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Where can I get the glasses from?

The Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses are available globally today! You can buy them directly from any of Nreal's distribution partners. Visit our AR Glasses page to learn more and to find your closest retailer.

How do the glasses work?

Using a pair of Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses, we listen to the conversations around you; transcribe them in real-time using the XRAI Glass app, and as if by magic, they'll appear in 3D right in front of your eyes.

Which phones are compatible with the glasses?

For full details on phone compatibility please see here.

Do you support Apple phones (iOS)?

Yes we now do!

Which languages can you translate to?

The list of languages is always growing, be sure to visit here to see the latest on what languages we currently support.

How long will my battery last using the glasses?

Depending on your phone, most users can expect around 6 hours of constant use in basic mode, and around 2 hours in AR mode. To use XRAI Glass for longer periods, you can use a wireless power bank or stay plugged in with a USB-C splitter.

Do I need the glasses to use the app?

No, our app works without the glasses. However, for the best possible experience, we recommend using a pair of augmented reality glasses to experience the full power of XRAI Glass.

Do you make the glasses?

No - XRAI Glass creates the software behind the glasses. We've partnered with a number of manufacturers who make AR glasses.

For more information about where to buy the glasses, visit our product page.

Can I trial the glasses?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer trials with the glasses. However, you can trial our app without the glasses for 30 days to see the power of the platform.

I can't find XRAI Glass on the Google Play Store?

Typically, this means that your phone is not using the latest version of Android (v12). To check your version, go to your phone's settings and click about phone. If you aren't on Android 12 or later, click on update and once completed the XRAI Glass app will appear for you in the store for you to instantly download.

Which microphone do I use?

You have several options to capture the conversations around you. You can configure our app to use the microphone in your phone, or you can use the microphone built into the glasses.

For harsher environments, such as restaurants or large meeting rooms, we recommend investing in a better quality microphone with noise cancellation. You can visit our product page for more information.

Does the app pick up external sounds?

XRAI Glass can pick up a range of audio, from TV and movies, to music and video games. For the best experience, we recommend pairing the app with a bluetooth microphone which can help reduce background noise (i.e. in a cafe or outdoors) and improve the quality of your conversations.

Does the glasses work with prescription glasses?

Absolutely! We've partnered with Lensology, who provide custom prescription lens inserts for all our AR glasses.

Where can I download the app?

The XRAI Glass app is now available to the general public. You can download it now from the Google Play Store and the iOS store 

Which languages do you support?

The list of languages is always growing, be sure to visit here to see the latest on what languages we currently support.

How does privacy work with captioning?

All transcriptions and conversations are stored on your phone, and the only person with access to them is you. When captioning a conversation, it's always a good idea to let people know that the conversation is being recorded.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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