Can I use XRAI Glass with my iPhone/iPad?

XRAI Glass is not compatible with iOS

The ability to utilize the AR glasses on an iPhone isn't something our partner, Nreal, can assist with as the software itself is produced by us only.

Unfortunately, the only way to connect the Nreal glasses to an iPhone is via the Nreal adapter which provides the ability to cast your screen to the glasses which will not give you the AR subtitles experience you are looking for!

There is no ability to connect the Nreal glasses to the iPhone as Apple uses a proprietary lightning connector.

We are hoping to have a version of XRAI Glass which supports this adapter at some point, in screencast format only.

While a screencast captures only what is happening on a phone/tablet screen, augmented reality view integrates digital content with the real world. With AR, users can interact with the virtual objects, move around them, and view them from different angles, creating a more immersive experience than a screencast.

In summary, a screencast records the actions on a phone/tablet screen, while augmented reality overlays digital content onto the real world, allowing for interactive experiences.