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What is Premium Cloud Transcription Software?

XRAI Glass subtitles are powered by some of the world's top subtitling engines available in various subscription plans.

Cloud transcription is a type of transcription that uses cloud-based technology to transcribe audio. It can provide more accurate and consistent results than traditional transcription methods as it captures real time spoken audio.

Cloud transcription works by first uploading real time audio to a cloud-based server. The server then uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe the language in real time. The AI is trained on a massive dataset of audio and video files within that server, which allows it to accurately transcribe a wide variety of content providing real time subtitles for our platform.

Once the AI transcribes the speech in real time, it appears in real time before your eyes either on the phone or the glasses or both at the same time.

Cloud transcription is the tool that we are using for:

  • Transcribing real time speeches/conversations around you
  • Translating other languages in real time into a transcription displayed in a language of your own choosing
    • To see which languages are supported by subtitling engines, visit this link.

Here are some of the differences between the app subscriptions and where each cloud based engine can be accessed:

  • Free
    • Vosk: Offline and Online Transcription available in 11 languages
  • Premium: 
    • Microsoft: Azure Speech Services can only be accessed with an internet connection.
    • Amazon: Amazon Transcribe can only be accessed with an internet connection.
    • Google: Google Cloud Speech-to-Text can only be accessed with an internet connection.
  • Ultimate:  
    • Deepgram can only be accessed with an internet connection.