Connect Your iOS Device to XREAL (Nreal) AR Glasses

Our quick start guide to setting up your iOS device with XREAL AR Glasses

What you need:

  • Your XREAL (Nreal) Air or Light AR glasses with the cable
  • Your iOS device running on iOS 12 or later

Once you've installed and set up the XRAI Glass app from the Apple App store, there are a few extra steps to get you up and running with your XREAL AR Glasses! 

  1. Connect to the internet/cellular data network
    1. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet before launching the app for the first time. While the app does offer offline subtitling, it's recommend you stay connected whilst in-use for the best performance.
  2. Set up the Glasses
    1. Ensure your Nreal Air Adapter is fully charged by plugging it into the charger to ensure all green lights come up when you activate the button on the side
    2. Pull out the top piece that was sitting on the top so you can plug in the Lightning AV adapter
    3. Plug the glasses (the uncurvy part) into the Nreal's adapter
    4. Plug the lightning end into your iOS phone

      When you open Nebula, you will need to agree to certain permissions as listed above, as well as stop Android from optimizing the battery usage. 

  3. Start Using XRAI Glass
    1. Immediately, you will see in your glasses will load up your phone's current screen via screencasting. Learn more on what screencasting is here.
    2. Open up the XRAI Glass app that you already downloaded/set up to start Basic Subtitles.
    3. Click on the Quick Menu settings to choose the mic options, enable/disable noise cancellations, update spoken or transcription languages as needed.
    4. Then click on the Mic icon and have a go!