Learn how to get the most out of your XRAI Glass app

Just downloaded the XRAI Glass app on your phone? Learn the basics of using the XRAI Glass app!

If you haven't already, open this link on your mobile device to download the XRAI Glass app.

To ensure a successful experience with your XRAI Glass app, it's important to follow our recommended selections. By doing so, you can summarize that you will have a smooth and trouble-free experience with the app on your phone.

  1. The OS system must be on at least Android 12. Be sure to check for software updates prior to using the app for the best experience.
  2. In Settings which can be accessed in the upper right corner of the app, set the audio device to speakerphone. This can be changed at any time in Settings or in our quick settings menu within the transcription menu.
  3. Set the UI, Spoken, and Transcription Languages to your own preferences.
  4. Be sure to select the region closest to your current location.

With the XRAI Glass app, you can get subtitles for conversations in an instant! Learn all about XRAI Glass's top features and how you can use it! 

Different Microphone Options

Imagine going to a large event or a small gathering and you want to know how to best utilize the app to get real time subtitles, look no further as we have a breakdown on best case scenarios on which audio sources to use in differing situations!

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Transcription & Translation

XRAI Glass can break down communication barriers by providing real time transcription for users to be able to keep up with the conversation, and not only that, we can also translate other languages right into your native language in merely seconds! 

Learn all about how to change the language as you travel to another country or trying to converse with someone that is asking you for directions in different language in your home country. 

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AI Assistant

XRAI Glass has integrated the OpenAI Davinci GPT v3.5 Large Language Model (LLM) into its app to deliver a deeper and more meaningful user experience for you. You can ask questions about your existing conversation, such as “Hey XRAI, summarize the conversation for me” which can come in handy after conversing for 20+ minutes! Or you can ask general knowledge questions, such as “Hey XRAI, explain the difference between a Reese's candy bar and a gummy bear”.

Be sure to set it up following the steps outlined here.

Conversation Management

Our conversation management feature allows you to easily manage your conversations (along with audio recordings) through the app. You can read back the transcript or even play back the audio as you read along! In addition, you can store, share or delete conversations, and can also configure it to discard conversations immediately if required after finishing your chat. Remember, it’s your own data on your terms.

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