How do I get to AR Subtitles right away when I plug in my Nreal glasses?

Skip all the initial steps and get AR subtitles to start as soon as you plug in the glasses by following the steps below.

1. Open up Nebula app

2. Click on Under Mine at the bottom of the screen

3. Click on Settings

4. Change Default Startup Mode to AR Space.

5. Now when you plug in the glasses, Nebula will automatically load up



If you have a Samsung phone, follow these additional steps where it will launch XRAI Glass immediately after plugging in the Nreal glasses:

1. Go to settings on your phone

2. Search for side key on S20+ or bixby key on S10e

3. Tell it to start XRAI Glass on double tap


4. Then, from a cold start, plug in glasses, wait 10 seconds. Double tap power.

5. Sign in to app. (should not happen each time)

6. Press AR subtitles. Then put on glasses and start subtitling.