How to translate your conversation with the XRAI Glass app

Traveling to another country where they speak a different language from you? We can translate their language into subtitles in your own language, see how!

Which languages are translated?

Currently, the translation is available in over 141 languages and dialects. This list can found here.

How to use the translation feature?

  1. There are two ways of changing the spoken language:
    1. Tap on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner and then select settings from the drop down 
      1. Scroll down to Spoken Language of what is being spoken to you
      2. Tap on "Spoken Language" to change the language that the speaker is using
      3. Ensure you have your "Subtitle Language" set to the language you would like to see the subtitles in
      4. It will auto-save
      5. Click on Back in upper left corner


    1. When you start up a conversation, you can change the languages in real time in our quick menu settings
        1. Click on the filter icon
        2. The person with the audio symbol is the spoken language
        3. The CC symbol is the Subtitle language
        4. You can even switch the languages around during the conversation where they can read what you are saying back to them!Screen_Recording_20230219_195132_XRAI Glass
  1. Click on the microphone icon to begin the subtitles.
  2. You also can switch around the order of the spoken language as well so if you are conversing with someone that only speaks Spanish, you can switch it around so they can see your responses in Spanish as you speak to them in English.

Now you can have someone speak into XRAI Glass in a foreign language and see captions in the language of your choosing! Having conversations in different languages on the go has never been easier!

Now, tell us, where are you off to in the 🌏?