What are my Microphone options to capture subtitles accurately?

Imagine being able to follow along any conversation in various environments! These AR glasses can rely on several types of audio sources that will auto transcribe for the wearer.

See below for different ways on how to change your audio source depending on the scenario you are in based off our recommended guidance. 

Screen_Recording_20230219_214338_XRAI GlassScreen_Recording_20230313_135246_XRAI_Glass

Audio Source Options:
  • Phone microphone
    • Best for 1:1 conversation
      • Have the speaker hold the phone as if they are talking on the phone only 
  • Speakerphone microphone
    • Best for group conversations
      • Place the phone in the middle of the table to capture the speakers conversing around the table or hold it in between a group of speakers
  • Bluetooth microphone
    • Best for events/conferences
      • For panel set up settings: it is best to plug the bluetooth mic directly into the soundboardPlace the bluetooth mic onto the speaker, especially if it is in monologue setting or even on the podium/stand or table next to them if they are sitting down
    • For business meetings/large group meetings
      • Conference speaker has a multi-microphone array that the app can connect to via Bluetooth as well
  • Glasses’ microphone when applicable
    • Similar to phone microphone, with less depth in a beam forming setup
      • It is most ideal in a walking situation where you are walking amongst the person you are conversing with and have your phone in your pocket while in DEX mode.