What settings can I adjust inside my conversation?

We have a Fast Settings menu that you can easily make changes from font sizes to languages.

We are so excited that you can easily make changes to your preferred settings depending on where you are at just by pulling up the Fast Settings menu and can make any of the following changes:

  • Font Size: Determine the subitle font size for the phone application only
  • Glasses Font Size: Determine the subtitle font size inside your AR Glasses*
  • Spoken Language: Select what language is being spoken aloud 
  • Transcription Language: Select what language you would like the subtitles to appear in
  • Switch Arrows: If you are speaking with someone that is not speaking your native language, you can easily switch this around to capture their spoken audio being transcribed right into your preferred language!

Screen_Recording_20230222_092443_XRAI Glass (1)

*: Available only in AR Subtitles

Tip: If someone is unable to follow what you are saying, you can have them look at your phone as you switch the spoken language back to yours and it will transcribe what you are saying back into their language and then switch right when they respond back to you.