Getting Started with Rokid AR glasses on your Android Device

How to set up Rokid Max with XRAI Glass on Android [STEPS COMING SOON]

--Steps on how to set up your ROKID Max with XRAI Glass for AR mode will be coming soon as we've hit several issues on getting this out to our users, but we will share an update when this is up and running! In the meantime, go ahead and use the Basic Subtitles with your Rokid glasses.

**STEPS to be updated once we finalize the app.**

Once you've installed and set up the XRAI Glass app from the Google Play Store, there are a few extra steps to get you up and running with your Rokid Max AR Glasses! 

  1. Connect to the internet/cellular data network
    1. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet before launching the app for the first time. While the app does offer offline subtitling, it's recommend you stay connected while in-use for the best performance and setting up for the first time especially when you are using the Premium or Ultimate plan.
  2. Confirm your Device
    1. Only applicable if you have a Samsung phone:
      • If your phone is running on Android 13:To enter AR mode, please go to Settings, find the Connected devices, select Samsung DeX, turn off "Auto start when HDMI is connected" and "Exit DeX".
    • If any other phone and you have trouble getting it to load up, and it is stating DEX, be sure to ensure that DEX is disabled in your Settings. Best to search online for 'disabling DEX in [your phone model].
Download the Companion App from the Google Play Store
    1. You'll need to download and install the Rokid AR from the Google Play Store. 
    2. You will need go into Settings on your phone and allow all permissions as follows in order to activate AR with your glasses

      1. Microphone
      2. Camera

    Connect your glasses
    1. Once you've gone through the initial prompts above, simply connect your glasses to your phone via the USB-C cable.
    2. You will see a prompt appear on the phone stating 'External display.'
    1. Click on the Rokid AR app on your phone
    2. Put on your glasses
    3. The glasses' screen will load up to Rokid's main page along with the phone.
    4. While keeping Rokid AR app running in the background as you've activated the glasses first in Rokid app, then quickly swipe over to XRAI Glass app as you will see two options: Basic and AR subtitles. Go ahead and click on Basic subtitles to begin subtitling. [AR Mode is being worked on--this article will be updated once available]

    Learn all about what you can do in AR mode here!