Help XRAI Glass Investigate what is Happening with your App

See steps below on how to sideload an app to allow XRAI to understand what is happening with your XRAI Glass App and get you back up and running!

Step 1: Enable unknown sources

  • Go to your device's settings.
  • Select "Security and Privacy"
  • Scroll down and find "Install Unknown Apps."
  • Toggle the switch to the "on" position these items:
    • Your web browser app (Chrome, etc)
    • My Files

Step 2: Download the app

  • Open the web browser you enabled in Step 1 above and navigate to the URL provided by the XRAI Glass team sent to you in your email correspondence.
  • Copy the URL itself and paste into the web address space. Be sure not to click on the link itself as it will ask you to log into OneDrive and no need to do that!
  • Download the app by clicking on the download link.

Step 3: Install the app

  • Once the download is complete, swipe down on the notification shade at the top of your screen and tap on the downloaded file.
  • Tap "Install" and then "Open" once the installation is complete.
  • It may surface a warning message, please go ahead and proceed.

Step 4: Grant permissions

  • The app may require additional permissions in order to work properly.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to grant the necessary permissions.

Please do let the support team know if you have any further questions or encounter any issues.