What do I need to have to have AR Subtitles?

System requirements & third-party hardware

Curious about what the technical requirements are to use XRAI Glass and AR glasses? See  below for some helpful information about our supported browsers and operating systems (OS).

Mobile apps

Operating System Requirements
Android Android 12 or above

Required chip on phone 

  • Snapdragon

How to check if your phone has the right processing chip:

Check the phone's settings: On Android phones, you can check the processor information by going to Settings > About phone > Hardware.


You can connect a microphone your mobile device using Bluetooth or use your phone's built-in microphone to capture the audio for us to transcribe. We recommend these bluetooth microphones.

Update your mobile settings

If you are using an external microphone on your computer, you will need to allow permission in your browser to use your microphone when prompted. Learn about permissions in ChromeSafari, and Firefox.

When using a mobile device, grant access to XRAI Glass and Nebula to access the microphone.

  • In Android, go to Settings > Apps > XRAI Glass > Permissions > Microphone Allow

If you are changing from a phone speaker to a bluetooth microphone, you can update your audio source right there in your XRAI Glass app settings!

Reliable Network

XRAI Glass relies on WiFi or cellular data to be able to subtitle in real time! 

Nreal Air Glasses

Verify Nreal's compatibility list and place an order from the e-commerce site that can deliver to your country.