Live Captioning for Events


Live captioning, translation, and transcription, streamed across multiple stages and devices.

Stream your subtitles across multiple devices

Using your existing audio source, our app provides real-time captioning, instant translation, and speaker identification – streamed to as many devices as you want.

Set up in minutes

Start broadcasting with your mobile device

Real-time captioning

Using cloud-enhanced transcription engines

Open up your
events to everyone

Only 18% of the world speaks English. Break down language barriers and seize global opportunities with our extensive range of translation features.

True two-way communication

Two-way translation in both of your languages

Multilingual events

Available in 140+ languages and dialects

Save, share, and summarize your events

Capture the essence of your events, speakers, and meetings with our recording and transcription features, allowing you to effortlessly share your content with attendees in real-time.

Record transcripts

Instant transcription (no humans required)

Affordable pricing

Pay per stage, per event, or per minute

More than just subtitles


Fast captions with cloud enhanced transcription


Translation for over 140+ languages and dialects

AI Assistant

Summarize conversations, ask questions and more

Speaker ID

See who's talking, on your phone or in your smart glasses

Language detector

Automatically transcribe up to 10 languages at once

Dante Ready

XRAI® works seamlessly with dante-enabled devices

Smart glasses

Seamlessly compatible with the latest smart glasses


Fully customize your XRAI experience


Stream your conversation to multiple devices

How it works

Infographic of how subtitles for theatre works

Simply connect your local audio source to a device running XRAI® Stream, then effortlessly share your real-time transcription to other devices on your WiFi network via the XRAI® App.

Anita Grover
Anita GroverCEO of Auditory Verbal UK
Read More
As a profoundly deaf adult who relies on lipreading in most situations, this innovation and technology has the potential to really enhance my ability to follow everything that is going on around me.
Justin Osmond
Justin OsmondMotivational Speaker & Author
Read More
Oh, my... WOW. It's not missing anything. Every single word is right there. I may have hearing loss, but my hearing loss no longer has me, because of XRAI Glass... this is absolutely incredible.
Steve Crump
Steve CrumpFounder of DeafKidz International
Read More
When I tried on the glasses, I was astonished - this is a product that enables engagement and participation like never before. I see XRAI Glass as a hugely positive force.
Karen Caiati
Karen CaiatiBoy Scouts of America
Read More
I'm telling you, this is a game-changer. During the pandemic, I didn't want to go to the store because everybody's in masks and I lip-read, so I had no idea what anybody was saying. This is amazing.
Mark Atkinson
Mark AtkinsonCEO of RNI:D
Read More
This is a great example of the positive difference innovative technology can make for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.
Melissa Chaikoff
Melissa ChaikoffChair & Trustee at Usher 1F
Read More
Setting up our stream was seamless and quick, a process that took less than 10 minutes. I was shocked. Guests expressed how effortlessly they joined the ongoing transcription, ensuring they never missed a word.
Michael Buckfield
Michael BuckfieldTechnology Consultant at Microlink
Read More
We continually look for innovative services that positively impact our customers' lives. When we tried XRAI Glass, we knew we found something truly pioneering.
Jodie Ounsley
Jodie Ounsley'Fury' from BBC Gladiators
Read More
As much as I love to embrace my deafness and be positive about it, it is a really isolating place at times. You miss out on a lot, and it's a mental journey trying to lip-read. Something like this could really make it so much easier, not just for myself but other people - it's pretty special.
Read More
This is what AR is made for.
Tasha Ghouri
Tasha GhouriLove Island
Read More
I think this is massively life-changing and can really benefit so many people out there, and even me personally. I can wear it to the cinema, I can wear it in meetings, group conversations - I think this is really going to change a lot of people's lives.

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