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Subscription plans

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Basic Offline Subtitles

  • Unlimited offline (phone-based) transcription in 20 languages
  • 1 day conversation history
  • Phone only or screencast basic 3D subtitles on supported glasses



Advanced 3D Immersive
Subtitles with Cloud

  • Unlimited transcription and translation in 75+ languages
  • 30 day conversation history
  • Immersive 3D subtitles on supported glasses
  • Personal AI assistant
  • 10 hours standard cloud transcription with speaker ID*



The "Everything Included" Subtitling Experience

  • Unlimited transcription and translation in 75+ languages
  • Unlimited conversation history
  • Immersive 3D subtitles on supported glasses
  • Advanced Personal AI assistant
  • Unlimited advanced cloud transcription with speaker ID*
  • UI Customization
  • Multiple AI subtitling engines**


* Speaker identification is only available in select languages.
** Access to standard and advanced cloud transcription providers for faster and more accurate transcription.

Frequently asked questions

The most important questions answered about billing, pricing, and tiers.

What is screencast (basic) mode?

Screencast, also known as screen mirroring is the process of projecting the content on your device's screen straight to your smart glasses. 

AR mode on the other hand uses head tracking to place your subtitles in 3D space. With AR mode, users are able to 'pin' subtitles wherever they want (for example above a speaker) whilst being able to move freely around the floating captions.



What's included in the free trial?

To experience the full power of the XRAI Glass app, we are providing a free trial of the Ultimate plan.

This free trial includes access to basic and AR subtitles (3D), unlimited transcriptions and premium access to real time translations, 10 hours of Premium cloud-enhanced transcription from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, and 2 hours of Ultimate cloud-enhanced transcription from Deepgram with speaker identification for faster and more accurate transcription.

What is cloud-enhanced transcription?

Cloud-enhanced transcription (also known as cloud transcription) uses cloud-based technology to provide faster and more accurate captioning. It also allows for speaker identification by differentiating between different speakers in the same conversation, so you can see who is talking on the app or in front of your eyes using a pair of augmented reality glasses (sold separately).

What happens if I use 10 hours of transcription?

Your usage will automatically renew a month after your initial subscription date. Any unused hours will roll over to your next month.

For example, if you've been subscribed for 6 months but have only used 20 hours of transcription, you'll have 40 hours left in your account to use. Don't let your hours go to waste! Start subtitling today.

Which languages are supported in each subscription?

As standard, we support unlimited transcription for 11 of the world's leading languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi, and Spanish.

To view the languages included in XRAI Glass's premium and ultimate subscriptions, please visit our here.

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