The most important questions answered

Are the Nreal Air glasses available outside the UK?

At the moment, the Nreal Air glasses are only available in the UK and Japan. The trial of our software is only available in the UK. We are hoping to expand to more countries very soon. 

Are glasses only available to purchase by EE customers

At this time, Nreal Air glasses are only available to purchase in the UK by EE pay monthly customers.

How long will the pilot last for?

The trial is set to complete in September 2022

How many people will be admitted to the trial?

We are hoping to welcome as many people as possible, but please bear with us as we evaluate the applications to enter.

Do you have to buy the glasses before being admitted into the trial?

In order to be considered for the preview, you need to own a pair of Nreal Air glasses. You can click the link above to buy a pair of glasses.

What are you plans to support iPhone?

Our software is ready for iOS, we're waiting for them to be ready for us! Watch this space.

Do the glasses work without a phone?

Unfortunately not, all of the clever stuff happens on the phone, including storage of your data.

What will be the cost of the software when it's generally available?

Our promise is that we will have an always free version. We're also working on premium version for those that want to enrich their experience. 

What happens if I have reduced vision?

It's possible to get prescription lens inserts into the glasses, or wear them with contacts. Part of the pilot is to get feedback on how to better improve the experience (through control of font sizes, colours etc).