One stream. Many devices.

Live captioning for events, venues, and live entertainment

Open your events up to everyone with XRAI Stream, your new live captioning partner. Available in 75+ languages.

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XRAI Stream™ provides real-time captioning and translation for live events and entertainment,  streamed to multiple devices at once.


See every word said during a play or live performance, with or without a pair of compatible smart glasses.


Nearly 20% of the global population are deaf or hard of hearing. Support sure your attendees with live captioning for your announcements, so they never miss another moment.


Add a stream to your tannoy system and make sure your passengers never miss another bus, train, or plane.

Opening events up for everyone

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of people with hearing loss have had a problem accessing services


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of events reported that over a quarter of their audience spoke a different language


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of people who use captions aren’t
deaf or hard of hearing


“Setting up this service was seamless and quick, a process that took less than 10 minutes. I was shocked. Guests expressed how effortlessly they joined the ongoing transcription, ensuring they never missed a word.”

Melissa Chaikoff

Usher 1F: Chair & Trustee

See whose making their events more accessible

How it works

Say it. Stream it. See it.

Step one

Connect to the local WiFi and start the XRAI app (available for free on iOS and Android).

Step two

Once connected, users will be notified of any streams available on the network.

Step three

Simply click Switch Now, and get real-time captions in over 140+ languages and dialects.

Ready to make your events more accessible?

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