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Broadcast real-time subtitles across multiple devices, available in over 140+ languages and dialects.

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What is
XRAI® Stream?

More than 1.5 billion people live with hearing loss, which is nearly 20% of the global population. Despite this, only 33% of events regularly provide interpretation. XRAI® Stream is an award-winning app that enables you to open up your events, venues, and live entertainment for everyone

Using your existing audio source, XRAI® Stream provides real-time captions, instant translation, and speaker identification – streamed to as many devices as you want.


With XRAI® Stream, you can subtitle every event, every performance, and every venue. The only limit is your imagination.

Why stream?

The top reported barriers for providing interpretation and how XRAI® Stream solves them

Interpreter availability

Difficulty with the global interpreter shortage

Real-time captioning

Set up in minutes by your team

Too many languages

Not possible to support them all

Instant translation

For over 140+ languages and dialects

Interpreter costs

Accommodation, travel, and associated costs

Low cost

95% cheaper than existing technologies

Complicated equipment

Requiring dedicated IT professionals to setup

No equipment required

Use your existing mobile device

Live captioning
set up in minutes

Simply connect your local audio source to a device running XRAI® Stream, then effortlessly share your real-time transcription to other devices on your WiFi network via the XRAI® App.

Setting up our stream was seamless and quick, a process that took less than 10 minutes. I was shocked. Guests expressed how effortlessly they joined the ongoing transcription, ensuring they never missed a word.

Melissa Chaikoff

Usher 1F: Chair & Trustee

Stream works
where you work

XRAI Stream is designed to work seamlessly across all platforms and devices.


Stream real-time lectures and seminars from a bluetooth mic attached to the speaker, in over 140+ languages and dialects.


See every word said during a play or live performance, with or without a pair of compatible smart glasses.


Stream live commentary and announcements to your deaf and hard of hearing attendees so they never miss another moment.


Stream your meetings, automatically record notes, and use the in-built AI to summarize your conversations.


Stream your passenger announcements and make sure your customers never miss another bus, train, or plane.


Stream your venue, building, or stadium by adding an XRAI® Server to your mixing board.

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